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Kraken Live Wallpaper

1.13 usd

The giant monster is hiding in the vastness of the deep. The legend tells that there is a massive octopus or a squid living in the cold, dark northern ocean. Are you brave enough to explore the waters?Pirates of Caribbean had a similar monster shown in the dark water. The horrifying scary fish is about to penetrate the ship above. This is the best HD live wallpaper for fans of Thalassophobia ( fear of the sea ).
The smooth animations and digitally painted graphics make this atmospheric live wallpaper pleasing to the eye. The monster moves its tentacles and looks around while occasionally blinking. The waves sway the unsuspecting sailing ship above, and sun rays penetrate the surface and highlight the fish swimming nearby. You can use this creepy fantasy scene and customize the settings on tablets and phones. The horror is waiting.
Watch the video:
Features:✔ Stunning HD graphics and life-like animations✔ Works on Phones and Tablets✔ Supports Portrait and Landscape mode✔ Multiple Battery Saving modes (and Frame-rate unlocker)✔ View adjustment (zoom)✔ Entity removal✔ Ad-free
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How to Use:Home-> Long press on background-> Set wallpaper-> Live wallpapers -> ‘Kraken’